Serverless Platform Powering your LLM Apps

Simple, Secure and Performant APIs to connect your data sources. Craft a LLM app for your data in mere minutes.

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Upload Documents

Create an account and a collection in 30 seconds. Upload your documents and get insights from documents.

Crawl Websites

Crawl a website into a collection and add a chatbot to your website.

Ingest Data Sources

Ingest Confluence, Notion or Google Drive data into a collection.

Manage & Scale

ChatBees is serverless so you never have to worry about managing or scaling the service.

Powerful features

ChatBees is built from the ground-up for Quality Answer, Security and Cost Efficiency

Auto Reranking

Automatically Rerank the retrieved information to get most relevant contexts

Intelligent Noise Filtering

Intelligently filter the noise information in contexts for better answer

History & Feedback Loop

Self-improving with History & Feedback Loop

Private and Secure

Security is paramount to us. Your data is in private VPC, encrypted in transit and at rest

Native Data Connectors

Ingest from a growing list of data sources automatically

Incremental Ingest

Incremental ingestion when source data is updated. Only pay for incremental usage

Use Cases

Example No-Code Use Cases


Website ChatBot

Add data, Share and Embed a chat bot on your website. ~free for personal website with low messages


Search Confluence

Easily search or chat with Confluence pages using natural language

Connectors and Integrations

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